How to run Tuesday Night Testing

July, 27th 2016Simon Tomes

"How about we do something on a Tuesday night? Nobody goes out on a Tuesday night. We could call it Tuesday Night Testing? Or TNT for short!".

Little did I know that the next day I would take my slightly flippant idea seriously.

Inspired by Weekend Testing and Lean Coffee I felt an urge to experiment with a new way for people to chat about testing.

The first experiment was a success! We inspired each other and shared tonnes of learnings.

I believe Tuesday Night Testing is simple and super effective. Anyone can run it!

Here are my thoughts on how you can run your own Tuesday Night Testing.

What is Tuesday Night Testing?

Lean Coffee on a Tuesday. At 8pm. With up to eight people on a video call.

Any topic related to Testing goes!

Why run it?

I believe Tuesday Night Testing provides a brilliant opportunity to:

Before the night

During the session

Ideas to enhance Tuesday Night Testing

Get stuck in

Wanna run your own Tuesday Night Testing but feel a little unsure? Are you interested in attending my next session? Get in touch!

Over to you

I'd love to hear your views. What thoughts do you have about Tuesday Night Testing? Have you attended one? Have you run one? How was it?

Main image credit: Thank you Andrew Fraser